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Hire Pattaya Detectives to Catch a Cheating

Girlfriend or Boyfriend


Here at Private Detective Pattaya we understand the needs of our clients in Pattaya better than most, whether you need to check up on a cheating girlfriend or boyfriend or simply require us to do a background check on someone, our experienced team can handle it for you. Our no nonsense approach to getting the job done ensures that your experience with our service is first class and will leave you satisfied.



Why Use Our Private Pattaya Detectives Investigator Service? 



Not only is our team of detectives in Pattaya well trained in the art of surveillance, background checks, criminal checks and many other areas, they have also lived in Pattaya for years, which means they know the area, the pubs, bars and hotels which I’m sure you will agree is important for surveillance purposes.


Our Pattaya detectives have seen it all and know all the tricks and lies that cheating boyfriends or girlfriends could use while being unfaithful as we receive a lot of custom in and around the Pattaya area.


Need to know if your boyfriend/girlfriend is being unfaithful?



Our Pattaya detectives can perform a fidelity test for you. You simply tell us the situation and what you fear may be happening and together we will prepare the test and see how far she is willing to go..



What Kind of Cases Have Pattaya Detectives Dealt with Before?


Our services are not limited to carrying out surveillance on cheating girlfriends or boyfriends. Here at Pattaya Private Detectives we also:


  • Perform background and criminal checks on potential business partners.
  • Follow and carry out surveillance on a girlfriend you suspect may be working in bars behind your back.
  • Follow and carry out surveillance on a boyfriend you suspect may be frequenting bars and taking girls home.
  • Background checks and Criminal checks on a person you wish to start a relationship with but are unsure about.
  • Check your partner for evidence of long distance relationships they may be keeping from you.


Upon acceptance by your partner, our Pattaya detectives can also carry out a fidelity test to ensure there is trust between you.  




We Know All the Lies and Tricks


We are a Private Detective Pattaya - Pattaya Detectives company based in Pattaya

for years now.
We specialize in catching a cheating girlfriend and with our years of experience, we already know all the tricks and the lies of women in Pattaya because we've exposed a lot of them. We have several detectives and investigators that are trained to capture evidence via our specialized surveillance service.



Our Customers Come First



Whatever service you require from our detectives in Pattya you can rest assured that your privacy is top of our list of priorities while performing surveillance for you. Unlike many other private detective firms here in Pattaya, there are no hidden costs involved and as soon as you begin using our service everything is made clear from the beginning and you will be updated constantly on the progress of our surveillance.


Whatever it is, background check, criminal check, fidelity test or surveillance for a night, once the job is done we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results as we make every effort to ensure our Pattaya detectives are well versed in all areas of surveillance and detection.


Save Four Things



A girlfriend is someone that you can treasure for life. But a cheating girlfriend can destroy any man's life.
By hiring us, you can save these four things:



• Time


Why waste time with a cheating girlfriend? You're better off spending your time somewhere else, like a new girlfriend who will be loyal to you.


• Face


As a man, it's embarrassing to be on the losing end of a cheating.

Once proper surveillance is done, you'll get the evidence that you need to save face. Don't let anyone trample on your manhood.


• Money


Do you really want to continue giving money to a cheating girlfriend? Sure, you'd have to spend  money on our surveillance service. But two things can happen. You either discover that she's not cheating on you, so you can

spend money wholeheartedly.

On the other hand, we can provide you evidence if your girlfriend is indeed cheating on you so you can stop giving her money.


• Heart


Do you love this girl? Don't let her break your heart when you're in too deep. It's better to find out about the cheating now than later when you've invested your time, money and love on her too much.

Contact Detective Pattaya - Pattaya Detectives for your Peace


We can help give you peace of mind. Contact  Detective Pattaya -

Pattaya Detectives today and we'll give you that.

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